What’s the Difference between a Muscadel and a Jerepigo?

I enjoy a sweet wine like hanepoot and muscadel at the end of a meal. What’s the difference between a muscadel and a jerepigo, or are they the same thing?

They are all fortified wines, made by adding grape spirit to the wine or juice to stop fermentation. Hanepoot and muscadel are simply the grape varieties from which the wine is made (Muscat d’Alexandrie and Muscat de Frontignan).

A jerepigo can be produced from any red or white grape varietal, and is made by adding grape alcohol to unfermented grape juice.So it is possible to make a hanepoot jerepigo, simply by fortifying the hanepoot juice before any fermentation has started. In effect, then, a jerepigo is simply grape juice preserved in alcohol.

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