Are single-variety wines better than blended wines?

When they used to put those “bus ticket” stickers on our wines there was a special stripe awarded to wines made from a single grape cultivar. Does this mean single-variety wines are of better quality than blended wines?

By no means. Many of the greatest wines in the world—those made in the famous cellars of France, for example, are blends. Skilled winemakers know they can often create great wines by blending two or more cultivars and arriving at a wine that’s greater than any of the individual components.
Some of our most respected wines, like Vergelegen’s V, Delheim’s Grand Reserve and Buitenverwachting’s Christine are blends. A good blended wine should logically have more layers of complexity than one that is simply made from one grape variety.
That cultivar stripe on the “bus ticket” was simply there so buyers knew what sort of wine they were buying. Quality was not a factor.