When would one drink fortified sweet wines?

I have heard that our winemakers produce some of the world’s best fortified sweet wines, but when would one drink them? After a meal? With the pudding? On its own?

Our Muscadels and Hanepoot (Muscat d’Alexandria) wines are indeed among the best in the world. They are also among the most versatile of wines, but sadly under-appreciated by the cognoscenti. A fine chilled Muscadel is a good companion to a traditional Cape bobotie or curried fish dish. It also goes well with an ice cream pudding at the end of the meal (some people like to use it as a sweet sauce, poured over ice cream). You can also serve it in place of the more traditional port, with your after-dinner coffee. On a hot summer day, fill a tall glass with crushed ice and pour a generous helping of red Muscadel over it to make a refreshing long cooler. Or simply pour yourself a good glass to enjoy while watching your favourite TV programme. However you serve it, avoid those tiny egg-cup sized sherry glasses at all costs. Our Muscadels should be drunk, not sipped. As a cocktail base, mix equal parts of red Muscadel and vodka to create a Muscatini, serve over crushed ice and decorate with a twist of lemon. Delicious!