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SPYTAIL™ Black Ginger Rum is a premium spiced rum, imported from France.  Based on a 19th Century French tradition of ageing Caribbean Rum with fresh ginger and spices in the barrels, SPYTAIL™ is distilled in the Caribbean and then aged, spiced and blended at a small family distillery in the Cognac region of France.

SPYTAIL™ is a deep amber colour rum with a spicy ginger nose and is sweet and velvety on the palate with a a deliciously long rich finish. SPYTAIL™ offers you a delicious rum experience and you will embark on a Voyage Extraordinare whether you choose to drink it neat, on the rocks or in a rum-based cocktail. 

The name SPYTAIL™ is inspired by the legendary submarines of old and the bottle’s round shape is based on a Bathysphere (a primitive form of submarine). In fact, the distillery where SPYTAIL™ is made, is located near the river Charente where some of the world’s first submarines were built and tested. The house legend states that the distillers found sketches of an underwater vessel called ‘Spytail’ and this is how SPYTAIL™ was given its name.  

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