7 Wellness Trends to Watch Out For


After the annus horribilis that was 2016, we’re all hoping that 2017 is going to be a more positive year. Of course, we can hope all we want, or we can grab the year by the balls and make sure that we do all we can to make it a positive one, at the very least in our own day to day.

One way you can improve your life is by trying a new wellness-based hobby. January is always about the new, so why not swot up on 2017’s biggest wellness trends now, so you can make the first month of next year your most positive yet? From sound healing to boxing 2.0, keep scrolling for the seven wellness trends spanning health and fitness that we predict are going to be big news in the year ahead.

1. Sound Healing

A form of meditation, the vibrational power of sound has been used to heal for centuries. The sounds help to relax and focus the brain away from the constant stream of thoughts that wash in and out of your mind, from emails that need replying to that pile of washing that is calling out for attention. Depending on the sound healer you visit they might use their voice, singing bowls or tuning forks to create the sounds. In 2017 expect to see sound healing, otherwise known as sound baths, in yoga sessions and facials. Want to give it a try? Soho House’s resident sound healer Carly Grace will be holding a series of events focusing on the healing power of sound in London during January, find out more about the sound healing events on her website.

2. L.A. > London: The Megaformer

The latest L.A. fitness export is Studio Lagree, which has studios in London and Guildford. Classes are performed on the M3 Megaformer, a piece of kit that looks like a Pilates reformer but it has more resistance springs and is a different shape to allow for a more intense workout and more moves that can be performed. The Studio Lagree workouts are fast paced, high intensity, classes but low impact, expect to get your heart rate up. However, like Reformer Pilates you’ll also be focusing on carving out a leaner, more sculpted physique. Find out more about Studio Lagree here.

3. The New Superfoods are Medicinal

Expect to see a rise in “medicinal foods” in stores like Wholefoods. Buzzed-about ingredients include anti-inflammatory turmeric, immune-boosting medicinal mushrooms (reishi and chaga) and adaptogenic herbs (ashwagandha and cordyceps) that work like a thermostat to boost energy and ease stress depending on what your body needs. 

4. Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas are pretty common in L.A. (Jennifer Aniston is a fan) but here in the UK, they are just starting to gain traction. Rather than heat, like a traditional sauna, this new generation sauna employs infrared lights claim to aid relaxation, ease stress and muscle pain, rev up detoxification and boost circulation. Also, spending time in a warm, dry, cubicle in the depths of winter sounds like a very good idea to us! Find out more about infrared saunas here.

5. The Skin Drink 2.0

For years collagen drinks have tried to infiltrate the mainstream and it seems like 2017 will be the year they succeed. Where we were once sceptical, we now know that the science backs up the claims that ingested collagen can improve the elasticity and texture of the skin on the outside. Expect to see an influx of new collagen drink brands next year. In the meantime, we recommend Skinade Collagen Drink (£66) or Fountain The Phyto-Collagen Molecule (£40).

6. 360° Fitness

What do we mean by 360° fitness? Well, we mean focusing as much effort on good quality rest as hitting it hard in your workouts. All trainers and athletes know that rest is crucial to getting maximum results. Virgin Active is opening Beyond Movement suites in various gyms (open to members and non-members) that will offer reformer Pilates, physiotherapy and sports massage.

Andy Birch, Head of Fitness at Virgin Active, explains “It won’t just be athletes paying such close attention to the physical nuances of their bodies in 2017, we will see ‘everyday athletes’ having a greater understanding of the marginal gains and maintenance techniques that contribute to both optimum physical performance in and out of the gym.”

If you want to make the most of your rest days at home, try this foam rolling sequence from Goop’s foam rolling-guru Lauren Roxburgh.

7. Boxing Meets Tech

The BoxxMethod is launching in 2017, a virtual boxing class that you can do at home, your hotel room or gym. The method combines shadow boxing with high-intensity interval training with no bag, pads or gloves required (just an optional pair of hand weights).

Choose either a 15- or 30-minute workout, lower body, upper body or full body and then an expert instructor coaches you through a series of 3-minute relentless rounds. A class that requires minimal equipment, if any, the BoxxMethod can be performed anywhere, anytime from your living room to your office all the way to your hotel room. Sessions burn calories while building strength speed, endurance and co-ordination. You’ll even be left burning fat for up to 12 hours after, ideal for the time-poor among us.

Original article published by Byrdie, Image: lululemon