Secret Season at Grootbos

We experienced the Secret Season at Grootbos and it took our breathe away. This bespoke and tailor-made journey was a unique, luxurious nature escape, where we had the opportunity to experience so many diverse activities. 

During the months of May, June and July, the beautiful Overberg gives way to the most magnificent showcasing of flora and fauna. Awakened by the glow of the striking Autumn sunsets, the fields come alive with vibrant colour, a rare time when nature parades in all its beauty to welcome the Southern Right Whales after their long journey to warmer shores. This is called the Secret Season. 

Less than two hours away from Cape Town tucked away in the middle of this beautifully orchestrated symphony of nature lies Grootbos Private Nature Reserve - your gateway to experiencing all this wonder in the heart of luxurious beauty. 

Here’s what you can expect on your journey through this magical time:

1. Erica Irregularis

We found out about the beautiful, unique pink blossoms of the Erica irregularis that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. We watched as the hills around the Reserve burst into a flurry of beautiful colour and formed an intricate part of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

2. Explore Ancient Caves and Forage for Mussel’s

We explored the hidden secrets of ancient coastal caves overlooking some of the most pristine beaches in the Western Cape with our wonderful personal guide, Nash. This was followed by foraging for our very own mussels. The best part? We got to prepare them ourselves with the guidance of an executive chef.

3. Marine Safari

We hopped on a boat and experienced the wonder of the Marine Big 5 as they gathered in the abundant warm waters of Walker Bay. From Cape Fur Seals, and Great White Shark, to Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin, and African Penguins, as well as a few Southern Right Whales, we were dazzled by Grootbos’ Marine Safari.

4. Food and Wine Pairing


Besides the verious activities we embrked on, we also got to experience a fusion of culinary delights. Their gourmet cuisine by head chef Ben Conrad, is crafted from the finest and freshest local ingredients, some of which are even grown at Grootbos. Every single meal was a taste experience accompanied with a unique journey through local wines from Grootbos’ sommelier.

5. Horse Riding

Taking in the landscape of Grootbos on horseback is one experience we suggest you don’t miss out on. Horse riding at Grootbos is suitable for anyone, whether you’re a complete novice or a more experienced rider. Go for a relaxed ride through the fynbos or ride a special horse that has been specifically trained for the beach — one of their 18 horses in the stable are expertly trained to suit anyone of any age and level of experience. 

Why We Love Grootbos:

Leaders in Sustainability

Grootbos Nature Reserve in partnership with the Grootbos Foundation has also launched numerous sustainability initiatives which include candle-making recycling project, organic farming, honey production projects, and the water-bottling project which focuses on minimising waste, reducing plastic from the lodges, creating employment and ensuring the goods produced for the lodges are locally and ethically sourced. 

Luxurious Suites

Besides having one of the most beautiful views in the world, our Forest Lodge Suite felt like home away from home. We loved its interiors, the great big luxurious bed, expansive windows with panoramic views, our very own private lounge, and mini kitchen stocked with a selection of refreshments and treats. Our favourite room of all was the beautiful bathroom with the big freestanding bathtub – every woman’s dream!  

Impeccable Service

Lastly the staff at Forest Lodge deserve a special mention as they were all so friendly and accommodating. 

A magical adventure in the Overberg awaits! Make an enquiry or find out more here We advise you to book early for 2018 as space is limited!

‘We have not inherited the world from our forefathers: we have borrowed it from our children…."