A Choice Lifestyle Estate for Fifty-plussers at Onrusrivier

Onrusrivier, situated five minutes from Hermanus, is a small gem of the Western Cape.With fynbos in your garden and little coastal birds on your porch, Negester Onrusrivier is the perfect place for those who worked long and hard and look forward to a quiet life with pleasant company.

Combining the attractive old-fashioned elements of stoeps, low walls, pristine landscaped gardens and tree-lined streets, this charming lifestyle establishment is your ideal retirement estate. And let’s not forget the breathtaking scenery with a picturesque background of the lagoon, the shoreline and mountains. 

The units at Negester Onrusrivier offer a variety of architectural styles to pick and choose from. Featuring similar facades to Cape Town's Long, Plein, Breë and Long Market Street or Stellenbosch’s Dorp Street. If that's not quite to your liking you can also select a more modern, farmhouse style or the classical Cape Malay aesthetic. 

The 5 reasons we love Negester Onrusrivier:

1. The Facilities

A lounge with ladies’ bar, library and dining room form part of the clubhouse facilities, offering a welcoming and social spot for all residents to enjoy.

2. Evening Atmosphere

At night the estate is transformed into a magical landscape with cleverly-placed dimmed street lights. Cul-de-sacs branch off from the main road and provide access to walkways, while pergolas adjacent to the landscaped gardens line the main street. Here orchards, gardens and pathways create a real Cape rural atmosphere.

3. Secure Living

Security was a main concern while designing Negester Onrusrivier. A security wall with electric fencing, controlled main entrance gate with intercom connection and 24/7 manned guarding facility ensure complete peace of mind.

4. The Area

With several supermarkets, medical consulting rooms, art studios, charming restaurants, and well-known wine estates nearby, what is not to love about Onrusrivier? Other nearby facilities include first class medical facilities, golf courses, and more than one decent fishing spot for those avid fishermen. You can also enjoy hiking, jogging and mountain biking trails with breathtaking views of the mountains and the sea.

5. Luxury Lifestyle for Fifty-Plussers

Negester Onrusrivier has been specifically designed as an elite lifestyle estate for fifty-plussers, focusing on the baby boomer generation's property and lifestyle needs. In part the estate offers a 50 unit care centre which has various care packages, from basic needs to frail care, which also include the communal benefits of a stylish ladies’ bar, a lounge with fireplace, reading corner and hair salon — covering everything from your personal care services, cleaning, laundry and 24/7 emergency links to the nurses station. 

To secure your own little house by the sea or to find out more about Negester Onrusrivier’s plot-and-plan and care packages, contact:
Basie Oelofsen at 083 259 7597 or email basie@aidaonrus.co.za
Elmar van Tonder at 081 534 5604 or email elmar.van@seeff.com
Or visit www.negester.co.za for more information.