Seasonal Menu Launch for the Café del Sol Group. 

The first change of season for the year is upon us and that means it is time for an all new Autumn and Winter menu.

In the past Café del Sol have never gone this route, with their menu already covering a wide range of flavour profiles. However, since the appointment of Executive Chef Jonathan Duiker, they felt it would be appropriate for him to add his own influence to the already established menu with a few seasonal menu additions. It's that time of the year for those hearty, comforting, deep flavours which make us happy and let’s be honest, we have been dreaming about them since January. 

While Café del Sol's seasonal menu for Autumn and Winter has a slightly lighter touch it does not shy away from delivering on the expected whacks to the senses.


Rustic roasted red pepper and tomato soup
Fresh herb oil, deep-fried Basil and torn Buffalo Mozzarella.

Scottish Salmon Fish Cake
Fresh butter breadcrumbs, soft potato and Chive mash, Parsley cream sauce and Truffle mayonnaise.

Pea and Ham Ravioli
Browned butter and Sage pan-fried ravioli, filled with Edamame beans served with crispy Pancetta and pea cream.


Pan fried trout
Broccoli croquettes and pea shoots, fresh Fennel and grape salad, Salsa verde dressing.


Lamb Rump Nicoise Style
Baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes, fine beans, anchovies crisp capers, olive tapenade and lamb jus.


Date Pudding
Caramelised date pudding, ginger toffee, crème anglaise

Salted Caramel Tart
Served with a berry marbled cream

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