Meals on wheels

In this age of social media, we literally have the world at our, well, thumbs. And fittingly, mobile restaurants are gaining traction in the form of food trucks that we can track with our smartphones.

The movie Chef illustrates this phenomenon deliciously. In a nutshell, a chef travels across the states in a food truck, while his son secretly updates Twitter, causing them to be bombarded with hungry people at every stop.

And while, every country has its own form of street food it’s the Americans who have made this movement famous. Los Angeles based chef; Roy Choi is the poster boy for the food truck revolution. His fleet of trucks under the banner Kogi (Korean for meat) delivers unique Korean-Mexican fusion dishes. His signature dish is the short rib taco: warm tortillas, Korean barbecue beef, coriander, onion and lime, topped with a spicy-soy slaw. Hundreds have followed in his tyre treads from sushi to Brazilian barbecue, Greek and Indian food to Hawaiian BBQ, the lot.

Food trucks have existed in some form or the other for centuries though; particularly in the States, when wagons did the job too. 

Though there’s little doubt that L.A has the most variety—and sheer volume—of food trucks, South Africa is gaining momentum. Not to mention, the beautiful settings our mobile eateries get to park in; enjoy a bowl of risotto by the sea, a burger amidst a busy food market, prawn noodles in the forest—all a thumb’s swipe away.

Enjoy our pick of tuck from trucks across South Africa.

Cape Town

Cape Town Food Trucks
Planning an event? Cape Town Food Trucks runs a fleet of food trucks and has its finger on the pulse of mobile eatery industry.
Find them@CTFoodTrucks 

A mobile extension of the well-loved restaurant, expect delicious Southern Italian Fare on the go.
Find them@CTFoodTrucks 

Didi’s Bitchin Burritos
Banging burritos packed with flavour. Think bright and moreish Tex-Mex style. You’ll find this colourful food truck at events, on street corners and more.
Find them: @didisburritos

Baguette Bicycle
It’s lunchtime, who’re you going to call? Get a gourmet sandwich delivered to your office, plus this mobile samie and bakes operation pops up all over the place.
Find them: @BaguetteBicycle

El Burro  
Enjoy Mexican street food such as ceviche, tacos and churros.
Find them: @_El_Burro 

Cafeteria Guerilla Gastronomica
Think elevated comfort food such as, warm cooked oats, pan-toasted banana bread with yoghurt cream, fresh berries and cinnamon sugar, Thai curried roast butternut soup, slow-roast leg of lamb, chickpea and young spinach stew.
Find them@cafeteriamobile

Die Wors Rol
Run by one of South Africa’s favourite chefs, Bertus Basson serves up with 22cm sausages tucked into rolls with thrice-fried chips.
Find them: @DieWorsRol

Lady Bonin’s Tea Parlour
The queen of loose-leaf teas, enjoy a diverse range of exciting teas presented in beautiful fashion.
Find them: @lady_Bonin

The Good Life
This food truck brings the glam: and serves delicious fusion food to boot. (Plus, they’ve been included in cookbook, Food Truckin’ ; a collection of recipes from the world’s best food trucks.
Find them: @thegoodlife_ct


The Tutto Food Co.
Think freshly made Spanish tapas, delicious salads and more, plus they’re famed for the pavement paella. They also cater events.
Find them: @tuttofoodco 

Down to Earth Farm Feasts
More of a pop-up restaurant than food truck, enjoy a specially created farm to fork feast at a farm in Gauteng.
Find them: downtoearthfarmfeasts

Balkan Burger Bus
Run by a brother and sister team, this quirky bus serves up delicious Serbian-inspired burgers.
Find them: @BalkanBurgerBus



Flavey J’s 
Comfort food ahoy: try the gourmet Gatsby orget stick into beef or chicken sliders with chips, boerie rolls, and more.
Find them: @flaveyjs

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