The Range Rover Sport & the Single Girl

The Range Rover Sport & the Single Girl. Hello, handsome.

By Layla Gray

Not so long ago Land Rover invited me to test drive the new Range Rover Sport. I have to say I’ve fallen hard for the new bigger and better Range Rover Sport. Carrie wouldn’t mind if I called it my Mr Big. This love at first sight thing might have a little something to do with the fact that I drive a second hand 7 year old Golf—and things are starting to fall off. 

So from my beat up ol’ TDI, I hopped on a plane and landed in O.R Tambo for the day. On arrival our welcome wagon was a Jaguar Land Rover Fy14 (off to a winning start, eh?) and taken to our test-driving destination. As soon as we pulled up and saw the herd of glistening Range Rover Sports lined up, I felt my heart strings pull a little. 

You know, there is something about these big SUVs (that stands for Sports Utility Vechile believe it or not) that affect all girls’ endocrine systems. I’m certain of it. Those who did biology at school will know that all females secrete a little testosterone. I think this surges once you get behind the wheel of a SUV. 

When I first climbed into the driver’s seat suddenly you feel big and tall and strong. You feel like Arnie Schwarzenegger before he became governor of California. Minibus taxis are a cinch – you feel like you could (but wouldn’t!) run them off the road to make up for all the bad times of yore. Also, if a minibus stops suddenly in the fast lane to pick up a passenger you can stop or swerve or even go into it relatively unscathed. 

Range Rover_pic_1.jpg

The road beneath you is a breeze and even if you put foot over pool-sized potholes while applying mascara you wont miss a lash. Did I mention it also corners like it’s on rails? It's as agile as they come and handles the heck out of the road. I drove with the window that for that "I just drove with the window down look" and the airflow over the Landi's beautiful streamline body added volume but not frizz. This is a strong selling point for a girl when the thinnest part of her body is her hair.

I’m a fan of Top Gear and part of my research showed that those petrol heads were not all that impressed with the old Range Rover Sport but they reckon the new one is a whole new breed of animal. So its not just a question of twerking – I mean tweaking – the old one. 

I know what I like. I don’t need to know how a dreamliner jumbo jet works to enjoy flying in one. I love the power, the stance, the height, the presence; the slim classic looks of the Range Rover. It’s so big it can easily seat seven burly Springbok forwards. If, on the off chance, I would need to lift some stranded shirtless Springbok forwards. What? This is my drivin’ daydream.

To me the cockpit of a car – where one drives and lives and loves – is as important as all the other stuff, and the Range Rover’s is somewhat sublime. My dad who has an aging S8 Audi maintains Audi are the best when it comes to car interiors, especially the big ones. Maybe it’s an age thing (he’s also aging) but I had to disagree with him –and he’s still sulking.

If a Range Rover Sport came in our goodie bag I would want the midnight-like Loire Blue LR-SDV6 3.0 Litre Diesel Engine (I have a lot of navy living in my cupboard that would go nicely) Until I get my paws on one of these I guess I’ll have to wait for my inheritance. How much can you get for an old Audi these days anyway?