Ford’s Tangerine Scream Machine

FORD was due to headline its Paris Show act with the all-new FOCUS ST, as we went to press with this issue. And the new Ford cult-car was painted in an oh-so-unsubtle colour described as ‘Tangerine Scream’.

Ford is finally taking heed of a cult following that has kept the brand alive, with the ST’s gaping snout and be-winged roofline. It is slated for a late 2011 sales debut in Europe, which means it is still a year and more away from South Africa, and will boast a new 185kW four-cylinder turbo motor, which will replace the whooping Volvo-developed five-cylinder that has made the ST an instant classic here.

Pity the four-cylinder won’t sound as unholy, but it will offer mid-six-second zero to 100 sprinting. And that Tangerine Scream colour is a suitable replacement for the ST Orange.

Text by Stuart Johnston