A Little ‘R’ Makes a Big Difference


At the stroke of an alphabetic addition, Volkswagen has elevated its Scirocco Coupe into a different league. The new R version of the ugly-beautiful coupe offers performance bordering on exotic sports car levels. And the addition of bigger wheels as the stock option has given it the ground-squatting purpose it so dearly needed.

Importantly, the R version of the Scirocca has been fitted with XDS. The XDS system brakes one of the front wheels momentarily just before it loses traction, thanks to some clever sensors that measure wheel rotation and lateral G-forces on both front wheels. This has eliminated the torque steer, or power-on weave that slightly affected the standard Scirocco when the driver was flat out on a bumpy road.

Oh, and it goes too. The engine is heavily revised to cope with its new 188kW output, enabling a sprint time to 100km/h in under six seconds, and a max of 250km/h. There’s a choice of DSG (no clutch pedal) or manual gearboxes. Take the manual, this car is all about relationship-building, and the more driver-to-car interfaces, the better. Prices are R403 355 for the manual and R417 855 for the DSG.

Text by Stuart Johnston