Ferrari Ups the Stakes


FERRARI’S 458 ITALIA weighs in at a cool R3,2 million, depending on the exchange rate and the amount of personalised trim you order. That’s a lot of money. The styling of the new 458 is brilliant, adding an aggression that was missing in both its 360 and F430 predecessors. The flanks are much beefier, and the tail section has an edginess to it that speaks of the classic supercars from Maranello, such as the Enzo and the legendary F40. The new 458 Italia boasts an aluminium space-frame design that is ultra strong, and a re-working of the classic Ferrari V8 that makes it much, much faster than before. Figure on a zero to 100 time of just 3,4 seconds and a top speed of ‘comfortably’ over 320km/h.

Text by Stuart Johnston