Oceans of Discovery

Luxury cruise brand, Cunard, has unveiled its January to May 2019 programme called the ‘Oceans of Discovery’ which will include a voyage to Alaska. The Queen Elizabeth will undertake her first-ever Alaskan voyage, marking it the first time Cunard has crossed Alaskan waters in over 20 years. The ship will cross the North Pacific and Gulf of Alaska en route to Vancouver, giving customers a unique and inspiring experience of breath taking views 

Cunard Does Alaska: Yokohama to Vancouver

Following the period of dedicated Japan cruises, the ship will cross the North Pacific and Gulf of Alaska en route to Vancouver. This exotic voyage will take in northern Japan, the remote and stunning Russian district of Sakhalin on the way to Alaska and British Colombia. Queen Elizabeth will undertake her first ever Alaskan voyage and this will also be the first time Cunard has cruised in Alaskan waters in over 20 years.

Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Anchorage, Alaska is a place of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities where you may even see the Northern Lights. Take a half day helicopter tour over snow-capped mountains, icy valleys and lakes. Drive the National Scenic Byway watching for wildlife like brown bears, birds and caribou. The locals love fishing from Ship Creek, the old Tanaina Indian camp where King, Coho and Pink salmon spawn in summer. In this large snowy wonderland you can enjoy all kinds of winter activities including dog sledding, snowmobiling and ice skating.

Ketchikan, Alaska

Tiny Ketchikan is just 3 miles long and 3 blocks wide, but here you’ll find Alaska’s busiest waterfront, buzzing with float planes, fishing boats and pleasure craft. You’ll witness local life with hardy fishermen working on crab trawlers catching local delicacies like King Crab, octopus, shark, prawns and Rock fish. It is not only known as Alaska’s First City due to geographically being the first place travellers stopped when heading north; it is also a figurehead of the outstanding natural beauty of Alaska.

Kodiak, USA

Known as the Emerald Isle, Kodiak is a haven for all kinds of wildlife. The island is two thirds national park and is dedicated to the protection of its native brown bears, 250 species of birds and six kinds of Pacific salmon. Explore the good choice of bars and restaurants or join an entertaining tour of the island’s microbrewery. Discover the native heritage museums and explore breathtaking historical trails either by organised excursion or at your own pace.

Icy Strait Point

Icy Strait Point is an idea brought to life, a specially created hub of unparalleled Alaskan action and adventure. Watch for whales in the picturesque wilderness or enjoy warm hospitality and hearty food ashore. Built around a restored 1912 salmon cannery, the shops are 100% Alaskan-owned and there are restaurants, nature trails, a museum and even a beach. Bear watching is a big attraction on Chichagof Island - home to more bears than humans.

Skagway, USA

Gateway to the Klondike, the gold rush town of Skagway, Alaska was once a lawless Wild West outpost. Now a national historic park, the preserved boardwalk, shops and streets provide the perfect setting for actors to bring the town’s story to life on entertaining tours through its colourful past. Must-see highlights include White Summit Pass and the Yukon Suspension Bridge.

Sitka, Alaska

Sitka is a hidden beauty located on the east coast of Baranof Island in south east Alaska. Towered over by snowy mountains in the distance, it was previously known as the Indian River Park and Totem Park. Sitka National Historical Park is the oldest national park in Alaska and, in most visitors’ eyes, a must-see destination. The warm welcome and natural wonders of Sitka simply cannot be missed when going to Alaska.

The following 2 sectors are currently available for sale for Queen Elizabeth’s 2019 Alaska programme :

27 nights : Yokohama to Vancouver 05 - 31 May 2019
17 nights : Yokohama to Vancouver 05 - 21 May 2019

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