Who is Die Martha?


Nestled between the mountains some 50km’s from Cape Agulhas and a mere 25km’s across Walker Bay where on a clear day – from Hermanus’ Old Harbour – the highest peak you’ll see across the ocean is Hermanuspietersfontien.

Courtesy of the naturally challenging topography, the vineyards of Hermanuspieteresfontien reap the rewards of those cool Atlantic Ocean breezes, ultimately delivering an elegant range of European style wines. The expression of altitude and exposure to the prevailing South Easterly winds initiates the distinctive microclimate bestowing upon Sondagskloof’s Sense of Place. 

Who is Die Martha?

One of Hermanuspietersfontien’s Flagship wines this rhône-style blend offers a lush structure and a bold consistency. 

Her silence isn’t empty. It’s full of answers …

Her ‘farm to esteem’ personality is best expressed in a demure self-worth of humility and respect for others. A lady of few words she prefers to put her best foot forward and to unconditionally give of herself. 

Nothing comes from nothing. Knowing where she comes from, she enjoys doing right by others. Whatever happened to innocence? 

Her charm may take you by surprise. Unexpected, unlike many things else. By nature, she gives with total, sweet, consuming consent. Elegance would be nothing if without charm. Alive, sensual and attentive. Balancing freedom, naturalness of culture, sense of place and beauty from within.

Courtesy is nothing if not natural. A quiet inborn sense of discretion, attentiveness and kindness. An invisible trait extended without awareness.

Her love of kitchen ‘confidential’ is governed by the rule of pleasure. Combining trust and taste into a gift is her way of sharing. Pleasing the palette by bypassing the mischief and mysteries of ‘secret recipes’ and celebrating the simplest of fare instead. 

Who remembers the bland and unvaried? The character that adds spice to life, place and everything that is manmade? The silence of style, choice, energy and simplicity?  The ability to be naturally real? The allure of a quiet lady? 

The quiet one from Sondagskloof. Die Martha 2012. Simply you?

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