This Device Can Keep Opened Wine Fresh for 12 days

Welsh designer Tom Cotton designs wine decanter with an innovative preservation system that preserves open wine for at least 12 days. Eto has been designed to fit perfectly into any standard fridge and ensures that users never waste a drop of wine again. 

“It was my urge to solve the problem through design, coupled with my love of wine, that first prompted me to create Eto,” says Cotton, who wanted to give people the freedom to enjoy quality wine without being confined to 750ml. 

How it works

Decant your whole bottle of wine into Eto and serve. After serving, push down the neck and the unique patented design forms a complete seal preventing any further contact with oxygen, to preserve your wine’s full flavour.

This new device offers a new way to reduce waste, save some money and enjoy perfectly preserved wine at your own pace. 

Eto is available from Original article published by Design Indaba