Bottega Prosecco Ranks No.3


According to IWSR data on the top 20 Champagne and sparkling wine brands in travel retail, the Italian distillery and winery Bottega produces one of the best-selling sparkling wines in the world.

Bottega Prosecco ranks Nº 3 in the global Travel Retail market, after Moët & Chandon (ranked Nº 1) and Veuve Clicquot (ranked Nº 2) - according to the IWSR’s ranking on the top 20 Champagne and sparkling wine brands in travel retail, showing data for 2015 and 2016. If we do not consider Champagne in the ranking, Bottega Prosecco is the world's Nº 1 sparkling wine in GTR. Moreover, in the same global chart, “Il Vino dell’Amore Petalo Moscato” (Bottega sweet sparkling Moscato) ranks Nº 9.

Beyond its economic importance, the Duty Free and Travel Retail channel is a marketplace that increases a brand's reputation, heightens its image and raises its price positioning. Sharing spaces with major jewellery, fashion and cosmetics brands is a formidable traction factor. Bottega prosecco performance is due to the high quality standards of the wine, resulting from continuous research and constant monitoring of the entire production process, from vineyards to bottles. Amongst the range of Bottega sparkling wines, Bottega Gold - the iconic gilded bottle - is immediately recognizable and appreciated for its elegance and personality.

Thanks to the intuition of owner and Managing Director Sandro Bottega, who early foresaw the great potential of this business, today Bottega – after 30 years of presence – is one of the leading players in this market. It started with artistic, blown glass bottles of grappa, and eye-catching distillates and liqueurs; but sparkling wines were crucial for the success of the brand.

Bottega products are listed in the catalogues of more than 50 airlines and globally present at all of the most important duty free shops. Over the past 12 months, the sales volume generated by DF and TR business has increased +10% compared to the previous year – and the same rate is expected for the next year. Furthermore, in 2015 Bottega was awarded “Best Supplier Of The Year” at Frontier Awards, and "Producer of the Year" by ATRI (Italian Association of Travel Retail) in Milan.

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