A Shimmer of Copper Hides a Striking New Premium Gin

Bottega Bacur Gin.jpg

While the Veneto region of northern Italy may be most famous as the home of Prosecco, the Italian bubbly that has overtaken champagne as the world’s favourite sparkling wine, the skilled Master Distillers of Bottega have made their mark in the fast-growing world of handcrafted gin with an eye-catching new release dubbed, simply, BACûR. 

Over the centuries Italian distillers have perfected the art of distillation, their burnished copper pot stills bubbling away to create the world’s finest grappa, digestifs and fruit-based eaux de vie spirits. In this stunning new gin BACûR – meaning ‘copper’ in Ancient Greek – pays homage to this long tradition of Italian distilling in both its striking copper packaging and the remarkable dry gin within. 

Master Distiller Sandro Bottega has a fantastic understanding of the market and a long history of excellence in distilling. He has now applied that to the exciting world of premium gin,” says Giuliana Abrahamse, Marketing and Operations Director for Profumi D’Italia Marketing, the South African representative for Bottega products. Owned by the same family for nearly a century, Bottega’s wines, Prosecco, grappa and digestifs are today sold in 150 countries worldwide.

With just 24 000 bottles produced each year, the lustrous copper-coloured bottle immediately singles out BACûR as “an exclusive premium gin,” adds Giuliana. “Bottega is a celebrated Italian brand that has long been famous for its elegant packaging, but however much they may impress with the bottling they always exceed expectations with what is inside.”

And on that score BACûR lives up its impressive Italian pedigree. 

Crafted as a juniper-driven dry gin, full-bodied and expressive, for the all-important aromatics that bring layers of flavour to quality gin, Bottega’s master distillers turned to the Alpine foothills and countryside of northern Italy for inspiration. 

Locally grown juniper provides the dominant aromatic in the bouquet, but it also delivers a stage on which a myriad other aromatics perform. Lemon zest brings bright citrus notes and freshness, while sage and myrtle contribute savoury elements and spice.

It’s a premium gin, and at present the only gin in the award-winning Bottega portfolio,” notes Giuliana, who says BACûR is best appreciated as a sipping gin, served simply over ice.

But with its generous palate, versatile flavour profile and expressive Italian character, BACûR is also set to be a must-have addition to the country’s most celebrated cocktail bars this summer. 

Available in South Africa just in time for the festive season, BACûR pairs perfectly with quality tonic in a carefully prepared G&T. Getting set for a night on the town? Ask for it stirred with vermouth rosso, campari and orange rind for the ultimate Negroni. 

Bottega BACûR is available at exclusive liquor merchants and cocktail bars from October 2017. 

For further product information, contact Marketing and Operations Director, Giuliana Abrahamse via (+27) (21) 5544831 or email to ga@profumiditalia.co.za Follow bottegabyprofumiditalia on Instagram and Bottega by Profumi D’Italia on Facebook.