Winelands Restaurant Awarded Best Gourmet Restaurant

When it comes to quaffing wine, sampling delicious food and seeking out new experiences, who better to ask than the people who go out there and try everything?
Now in its sixth year, the Klink Wine Tourism Awards are about far more than wine.  By nominating and voting during the campaign participants show their support for their favourite wine farm, winelands restaurant and activity. The innovative categories are designed to highlight the unusual, the traditional, the exceptional and everything in between.

The At The Cellar Door category recognises gastronomic destinations with signature chefs who create cutting edge cuisine. Maison was awarded Best Gourmet Restaurant for the great attention to detail they pay in terms of an overall wine and food experience, their great location, first-class service, their focus on artisanal and local winelands produce, seasonal favourites and tasting menu, which expertly pair food and wine.
Chef Arno heads up The Kitchen at Maison and began his adventure as the Head Chef at the ripe young age of 26, after winning a challenging seven-course cook-off with Chris Weylandts himself.  Chef Arno views cooking in the same way that one would view art – unique and highly personal.
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