Meet Wine Judge Margaret Fundira

“There is always something new, just around the corner, waiting to be discovered”  — Margaret Fundira has been judging wine since 2001.

Margaret Fundira, who is an executive at Anchor Yeast and a qualified oenologist, joined Wine-of-the-Month's distinguished panel of wine gurus as of June 2005.  Her passion for wine started with a degree in microbiology that specialised in winemaking. This led Margaret to taking an active interest in judging. She has her Wine Judging Certificate from Stellenbosch and has judged on the National Young Wine Show and for the VERITAS awards, as well as for the Diners Club Winemaker of the Year competition and the ABSA Top 10 Pilotages and is also a technical advisor on the South African Wine Show Board. 

Margaret can’t highlight any outstanding moment in her wine career. “Basically, each great memory has prepared me for the next,” she says. “They are like stepping stones across a stream, with the journey being the best part; there is always something new, just around the corner, waiting to be discovered.”

Colin Collard, chairman of the Wine-of-the-Month, said Ms Fundira's appointment is likely to be the first of similar appointments. "Our panel, up until now, has really been lilly-white. But there is a growing interest in wine from black South Africans. They are drinking more wine and taking a bigger interest in the appreciation of fine wines and it's high time our panel was more representative of the changes taking place in the industry." The panel regularly tastes - and rates - the wine that is ultimately offered to the club's more than 30 000 regular members.

When not being active in the wine game, Margaret enjoys spending quality time unwinding with family and friends.

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