What's the Point of a Blind Tasting?

Every week Wine-of-the-Month's panel of wine judges taste 40 wines blind. Why blind you ask?

If you want to find the very best wine you can’t be influenced by the nice heavy imported bottle, beautiful label, price, fancy name, the charming winemaker, the idyllic farm or the delightful lunch you had there. 

Wine of the Month remove all these aspects from the assessment of the wine. That is what tasting blind does. Every week the panel walks into the Tasting Room, with 40 pre-poured wines laid out in front of their place setting, and all they know is which two cultivars they are tasting that night.

All the judges can see is the wine and a corresponding number. The tasting coordinator is the only person that knows which number corresponds to which wine.

That means that the judges are focusing on what is most important—what is in the glass! 

That is how you find the best wine. Visit Wine-of-the-Month for all the best wines in South Africa, delivered right to your front door.