The Duchess Virgin Gin & Tonic Blossoms with New Flavour


The Duchess, the world’s first sugar-free, non-alcoholic gin and tonic, is set to launch their new variant – The Duchess Floral. Crafted with fragrant floral extracts that harmoniously blend with the refreshing bitterness of the gin and tonic profile, The Duchess Floral is the perfect anytime drink.
The new Duchess is infused with the natural extracts of primrose, citrus blossom and the indigenous honeybush. Like the primrose flower that is the first to blossom in Spring, the new The Duchess Floral is also a first of its kind. The citrus blossom naturally compliments the zesty taste of gin and tonic, while the honeybush is a tip of the hat to The Duchess’ local roots. 

According to co-founder Johannes Le Roux, “There’s a greater focus on wellbeing amongst today’s consumers. Whether you decide to have a drink, or not, customers do not want to compromise on taste, atmosphere, or experience.” With the addition of the new Floral Duchess, this innovative Cape Town brand is offering a further choice between their variants, showing consumers that healthier, non-alcoholic, and sugar-free options shouldn’t be boring.
As the world experiences a resurgence of the gin trend, and a general move away from alcohol, The Duchess offers a beautifully crafted drink that marries both worlds. Crafted using natural botanical extracts traditionally found in gin, The Duchess retains authentic gin tasting notes with zero alcohol and zero sugar. 

The Duchess Floral Sneak Peeks-009-8529.jpg

Embrace a healthier summer with The Duchess Virgin Gin & Tonic Floral.
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