A Spoon Full of Sugar

Since the launch of Natura Sugars in South Africa, consumers have been able to rediscover the true taste of cane sugar. Linked to fair-trade farming, the range is unrefined and made from lush ripe canes cultivated on the tropical island of Mauritius, without having recourse to any process of genetic modification.

Cane varieties are developed by traditional plant breeding methods and as a result, there is no genetically modified cane in the sugarcane fields in Mauritius, hence sugar produced is not derived from or contaminated with a transgenic cane.

Crafted to lock in, rather than refine out the natural molasses of sugarcane

Sugarcane stalks are washed and crushed to extract cane juice, which is clarified to remove any suspended solids. The resulting clear juice is evaporated into a thick syrup which is crystallised and separated, creating a range of Special Sugars with varying textures, in a spectrum of natural colours thanks to varying amounts of molasses left behind, within and around the crystals. Natura Sugars are indeed crafted to lock in, rather than refine out, the natural molasses of sugarcane

Each of Natura Sugar's range is responsible for its own special purpose – whether it be baking, marinades or your daily ‘cuppa’. Each packet conveniently communicates what each sugar can be used for, the strength and consistency of the sugar plus a perfectly suited recipe. Now you are able to make an informed decision that is good for your health and your taste buds.

Health Benefits

Natura Sugars is also very excited to announce the scientifically-proven health benefits of their unrefined sugars. A study carried out recently by the Mauritius Research Council at the University of Mauritius has revealed that Mauritian Special Sugars have antioxidant capacities.

The study demonstrates that the special sugars tested have more anti oxidative potency than refined sugar with soft sugars having the highest antioxidant potential, due to their higher level of molasses content. 

“Natura Sugars has no added syrup, is non-GM, non-irradiated, not bleached, not decolourised and has no added colourants, preservatives or additives – just as nature intended.” says Shaheen Rajabally, founder of Natura Sugars.

For more information visit www.naturasugars.co.za