The Ultimate Cheese Fantasy

For those of you who have ventured to the wonderland that is the London Borough Market, you will distinctively know of the defining aroma of melted cheese that hits you as soon as you have entered. The aroma is none other than that emanating from Kappacasein’s Swiss raclette! Raclette, if you’ve never tried it, is the name of a cheese - a nutty, milky, alpine cheese, most commonly used for melting. It’s also the name of a Swiss dish, where that same wheel of cheese is placed near a heat source and melted, then scraped onto a plate and typically eaten with small potatoes, sour gherkins and pickled onions. 

Londoner, Roy Moore, set about bringing the concept to Cape Town, “We used to visit the Borough Market often, and each time we couldn’t resist but go directly to Kappacasein and indulge in a raclette or one of their delicious toasted sandwiches! Cape Town’s diverse and dynamic culinary scene never ceases to delight and amaze, but no one was offering raclette. When an opportunity arose at the new Mojo Market in Sea Point, we jumped at the chance and opened Raclette!” Raclette offers simple, flavourful food made with quality ingredients sourced both locally and from Europe.

There are only two items on the menu: a grilled cheese sandwich made with a combination of imported Schärdinger raclette and award-winning Klein River cheeses, three types of onions and sliced leeks, all melted together between slices of Cape Point Bakery’s artisanal sourdough rye. And of course raclette, a Swiss dish of perfectly cooked new potatoes, Knax gherkins and imported pickled white pearl onions covered in a generous helping of melted Schärdinger raclette cheese. The making of the dish is somewhat of a novelty too, making the entire experience a must-see for any foodie.


The Raclette stand is open seven days a week at the Mojo Market in Sea Point, from 10am to 9pm. And at the Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay, Fridays 5pm to 9pm, Saturdays and Sundays 9am - 4pm.