Make Your Life Healthier and Easier with NuVeg

 GT LOVES: NuVeg's wide range of products, especially the cauliflower and cheese sauce.

GT LOVES: NuVeg's wide range of products, especially the cauliflower and cheese sauce.

NuVeg was born from the simple idea of freezing a slice of fresh apple pie. Since then, the creators of this range of freshly frozen and high quality vegetables have produced some of South Africa’s favourite options in convenient 4-portion packs – simplifying your dinner preparations and simultaneously providing healthy meal options to the whole family.

Introducing SOUS

One of our favourite national staple foods is of course the ever popular “pap en sous”. Don’t be fooled by the idea that this is a meal reserved for South Africans, as it is rapidly becoming more and more popular in all households - around the world. Our tourists especially enjoy this as a side dish when visiting our country and we know that many foreigners are relatively familiar with various similar varieties of this meal.

This conveniently versatile tomato relish, with its own sautéed onions and fresh spinach can be used in a vast selection of dishes, such as stews, sauces, soups, burgers, pizzas, pitas, wraps, pasta – and let’s not forget its distinctive place - over a dollop of maize meal (pap) of course. But call it what you may – it’s enjoyed in various forms with a multitude of foods - yet it remains a “sous” and hence it’s been called just that.

The Sous Variety pack is made up of fresh tomatoes with Italian-style mixed herbs, onion and spinach to create your own flavourful and nutritional sauce, ideal for everyday use which is ready to eat within minutes.

Gone are the days of buying your veg in bulk – and even if you prefer to opt for the “ready to cook” cleaned and chopped packs, the cost is becoming increasingly expensive – and you are then required to cook it all at once.  With this in mind the NuVeg producers innovatively decided to package your veg in such a way to minimise waste and add value to your dinner preparations – with individually wrapped portions that are on hand to reheat and serve as and when you need them. Quick, and healthy was the intended result.

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