Carrol Boyes Partners with Chef Wandile Mabaso

There are many reasons why a great pairing is coveted in the food and beverage industry. Sommeliers and chefs seek to understand their craft in its entirety, and furthermore, be able to connect the flavours of the dishes with the notes of the glass that accompanies the dish. 

The business of food is no different. Culinary artist and food disrupter, Chef Wandile Mabaso, has recently returned from the two Michelin Star restaurant, Le Meurice in Paris where he has dutifully served under the custodianship of Chef Alain Ducasse, who holds 21 Michelin stars throughout his illustrious career. Chef Wandile returned to South Africa after being nominated by Ducasse as the ambassador of French Cuisine to the country, and in his endeavors to uphold the title as well as educate food enthusiasts on French techniques and cuisine, is forming strategic partnerships with like-minded brands. Enter three strategic partners; 

Carrol Boyes
Moet Hennessy
Black Motion Productions
French Toast Restaurant
Tsogo Sun
JHB Culinary and Pastry School
Marianne Fassler
French Embassy in South Africa. 

“I am privileged and excited about the partnership with these brands. The philosophy behind the design work of Carrol Boyes is functional artwork and I think similarly about the food that I curate,” states Wandile, “The disruptive designs, progressive brands and carefully created experiences embody the food that will be served at these dinners. With no compromise on the quality the dishes have been crafted with attention to every element, be it the food or the crockery or the accompanying beverages. This not only adds to the final presentation, but creates a story to every dish that makes for a full, rich experience.” 

Chef Mabaso is embarking on a culinary tour of South Africa, along-side this team of partners and accompanying venues, to induct the everyday South African into the global gallery of food. The tour begins in July in Johannesburg (JHB Culinary and Pastry School and French Toast Restaurant) and will feature in Cape Town, Durban and at the University of Pretoria, giving the public an opportunity to experience the flavors of the country’s best ingredients, prepared in ways that are unprecedented and exclusive. The events entitled By Wandile’s Invitation will culminate in an exclusive prestigious dinner with seats limited at 30 people and will include a chauffeur drive to the venue and a live opera performance accompanying the making and plating of the desert course. 

“By challenging the conventional pairing methods in conjunction with Moet Hennessey, Belvedere Vodka and Glen Morangie whiskey, we will push the boundaries of flavor combinations. The South African palette is ready to be elevated and I’m ready to pioneer this endeavor,” comments Wandile, “the events have been deliberately perfected along new culinary lines focusing on every aspect of the dish.”

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