Prickly Plants into Delicious Desserts

We're developing a sweet tooth for the buttercream creations of one of Instagram’s best bakers, Jakarta-based Ivenoven. In addition to her regular floral treats, Ivenoeven also celebrates nature with her lush and lifelike succulent cakes.

Much like her flower cakes, Ivenoven’s succulent-inspired sweets feature flora sculpted with frosting made from powdered sugar, butter, and food coloring. Once her desired consistency and colors are achieved, she uses a piping technique to create realistic leaves, spines, and needles. Like real-life cacti and other water storing plants, each buttercream figure is unique in color, size, and shape. When grouped together in the bunch-like arrangements characteristic of Ivenoven’s aesthetic, the buttercream succulents bloom into verdant gardens and transform into cake-topping terrariums.

Ivenoven’s baking journey began back in 2013, when she baked Christmas cookies for her daughter’s class. Though simply decorated, the goodies were a hit, prompting her to pursue her passion and bake for a living. Now, through Zoezo Bake—her own line of artisan cakes, cookies, and cupcakes—the self-taught baker sells her creations to dessert lovers and botany enthusiasts all over Indonesia. You can learn more about her practice on Facebookand Instagram.

See a selection of Ivenoven’s sugary sweet succulent cakes below:

Original article published by My Modern Met