How to Serve the Perfect Glass of Champagne

Bubbly is traditionally used for celebrations, but life is a celebration so bubbles should absolutely be your beverage of choice for all moments! So say the experts at Pop!, the delightful new mobile champagne truck that will add a touch of whimsy to any special event or wedding.

We asked them for their top bubbly-serving tips:

1. Just Chill

Serving temperature of Champagne is very important: it the bottle is too cold, it locks in the flavour and aroma; too warm and the bubbles escape much faster and the crispness is affected. Your best bet is to serve it chilled to 8 to 10˚C – 4 to 5 hours in the fridge should do the trick. Short of time? Chill the unopened bottle in a champagne bucket half-filled with water and a good handful of ice. It should be just cold enough to frost the glass ever so slightly as you pour it in.


2. Open Sesame

Learning to sabrage is the most exciting way to open a bottle of bubbly, however, a little too scary for us! The best way to open a bottle is to remove the wire cap and, holding the cork in one hand, gently twist the bottle with the other to slowly release the cork. The Le Creuset Champagne Star is also an innovative and convenient way to open Champagne.Try not to shake the bottle before opening as this means an explosion and a waste of pure goodness.

3. Guide to Glassware

Serving bubbly in a champagne flute is the most classic way, however, the old-fashioned Marie Antoinette coupe is beautiful and elegant, too.

4. Perfect Pouring

Pour your bubbly into a tilted glass, allowing it to slide gently down the inside of the glass instead of striking the base – this preserves more of the tiny gas bubbles. As you fill the glass, you may need to pause a few times to allow the ‘mousse’ or bubbles to subside.

5. Store

Once you have opened a bottle of bubbly, use a champagne stopper and keep it on ice. The Le Creuset Sparkling Wine Stopper is perfect for this, and will keep your bubbles delicious and effervescent.

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Original article published by Le Creuset