Why We Need High-Fibre Foods

Not surprisingly, eating fibre-rich foods is the best way to increase your fibre intake. If you don’t get enough fibre in your diet, you should up your intake gradually. And remember, the more fibre you consume, the more water you should drink


Here is a list of high-fibre foods to buy:

1. Corn One mealie—about half a cup of kernels—contains 2g of fibre. Popcorn is also a great low-calorie source of fibre, with about 3,5g per three-cup serving.

2. White beans In addition to being rich in fibre, protein and iron, these beans are one of the best nutritional sources of potassium—1 cup will give you 25 per cent of your daily requirement of this high-blood-pressure-fighting nutrient.

3. Avocado Two tablespoons of avocado have about 2g of fibre, and an entire fruit contains around 10g.

4. Wholewheat pasta Switching your traditional pasta for wholewheat is a small change you can make to introduce more fibre into your diet.

5. Brown rice Swap white for brown, as one cup of brown rice contains 3,5g of fibre. Researchers also found eating 5 or more servings of white rice a week increased type 2 diabetes risk by 17 per cent, but eating brown rice decreased the risk by 11 per cent.

6. Edamame beans These are immature soya beans boiled in the pod. Half a cup contains up to 11g of protein and 9g of fibre. Enjoy on their own with seasoning or blend them up for a tasty dip.

7. Lentils This member of the legume family is also rather rich in fibre, with 15g per cup. Lentils are also a great source of protein, vitamin B and iron.

8. Pears This fruit is most nutritious and fibre-rich when its skin is left intact. A medium-sized unpeeled pear contains about 5,5g of fibre.

9. Oats This breakfast cereal has a good mix of soluble fibre—the type that lowers blood cholesterol—and insoluble fibre, which aids digestion.

10. Peas One cup of split peas has 16g of fibre and a cup of frozen peas contains a not-too-shabby 8g after cooking.

11. Broccoli This veggie is known for its cancer-preventing properties but also contains a respectable amount of fibre. You’ll get about 5g in a cup of boiled broccoli. 

12. Apples As with pears, leave their skins on so that you don’t miss out on extra fibre and beneficial phytochemicals. A regular-sized apple contains about 4,4 grams of fibre.