A Warm Winter Menu

By Shannon Latimer

Photography & Styling C&D Heierli • Recipes Diane Heierli

Tired of picking up ready-made meals when rushing home? Want a change from the same tried-and-tested meals you save for busy days or when you don’t have too much time to cook? Try these easy, lip-smacking dishes. They are so simple to make you’ll be able to prepare them with one hand wrapped around a wine glass and one eye on the telly. 

The Secret to a Good Chowder

Chowder is a very old dish. Considered “poor man’s food”, it was originally a simple dish of vegetables or fish stewed in a cauldron. And this is where the name comes from, the big pot or kettle it was usually cooked in. Almost every seafaring nation has a recipe for one or other kind of fish stew. And the secret to a good chowder? No matter where in the world you are, the secret is to make sure you don’t overcook the fish. 

The Health Benefits of Lemons

The citrus season is in full swing, and it’s a good thing, because lemons are great for fighting colds and flu. Not only are they packed with essential vitamins to keep you healthy, but they are also said to aid digestion, combat constipation, prevent vomiting, ease throat trouble, and destroy intestinal worms, and are a powerful antibacterial to boot. There are many more reasons to ensure you add lemons to your diet, but best of all is that they add great zing to dishes—especially desserts.

The Original Hunter’s Stew

Chicken cacciatore is a classic Italian dish, also referred to as hunter’s stew. Early recipes originated with hunters who were often gone for several days. So the dish is easy to make and not too complicated for cooking outside. In its most typical form, the cacciatore uses the dark meat—the fattier and juicier part of the chicken—and it is cooked until it falls off the bone. Most cooks these days find cooking it for less time makes a better dish. If you cook it for too long you may be left with a pile of chicken pieces, and bones floating about in your stew. You need to get every bone out to avoid the risk of choking.

Try these easy meals:

Smoked Haddock & Corn Chowder

Self-Saucing Lemon Pudding

Chicken Cacciatore