Ladles of Love with Pesto Princess

Pesto Princess is proud to announce its collaboration with Ladles of Love a soup kitchen based in Cape Town which feeds hungry learners and homeless people. For each Pesto Princess soup sold, a donation is made to Ladles of Love to cover the costs of one meal.

Creative Director at Pesto Princess, Kathleen Quillinan on the Buy One. Feed One campaign ‘We’re all aware that too many South Africans don’t have access to a hot meal. We want to offer help when these stories touch us, but often we just don’t know how. For that very reason we were delighted to discover Ladles of Love. This organisation has made it easy for us to help fellow South Africans get access to nourishing food. Our ‘Buy One. Feed One’ campaign donates one meal for the homeless or underprivileged from each sachet of Pesto Princess soup sold. So as you sip your soup, you know that you’re providing for someone in need.’

What is Ladles of Love?

The volunteers who work for Ladles of Love feed approximately 800 people a week at three venues around Cape Town. It’s more than just providing nourishing soup for those who would otherwise go hungry. It’s about dignity, respect and creating a generous, kind world in which we all want to live. If you would like to get involved and find out more, visit

Where can you buy Pesto Princess soups?

Pesto Princess’s range of soups includes Fresh Tomato; Creamy Carrot; Pea & Pesto and Red Lentil. All soups are Vegan and free from commercial stock powders, preservatives, colourants, thickeners or flavourants. They can be found in the fridges of top SPAR and Wellness Warehouse stores throughout the Western Cape.