Lush is Celebrating 10 years of Charity Pot

April 2017 saw the tenth birthday of Lush’s Charity Pot project – where all proceeds from the luxurious hand and body lotion go to small, grassroots charities and organisations working in animal rights, human rights and environmental protection.

Now sold in 36 countries, Charity Pot sales have raised over £20 million around the world. Since 2007 Lush has made over 5,500 donations to groups fighting for refugees rights around the world, those confronting hunting and animal exploitation, campaigns targeting fossil fuel extraction which causes climate change, and many more. Lush is not afraid to support the causes that other companies shy away from, as they believe they are often the most effective groups at creating change. 

Preferring to fund smaller, independent organisations that often challenge mainstream opinions and fight for causes that are frequently overlooked by funders. Lush offers donations ranging from £100 to £10,000 and aims to give support to non-violent, direct action groups that work tirelessly to make the world a better place and create change. 

Mark Constantine OBE, Lush Co-founder and Managing Director, says: “Lush will give our time, Lush will give our raw materials and Lush will give our shop space to Charity Pot - if you will be kind enough to buy it!”

Charity Pot hand and body lotions are made with materials sourced from our Sustainable Lush Fund (SLush Fund) projects, including: Fair Trade, organic Colombian cocoa butter; geranium oil from Mountain Organic Farming, Kenya; and Fair Trade shea butter from the Women’s Ojoba Collective, Ghana. Now available in a self-preserving, rebalanced formula.

Charity Pot South Africa

Lush launched its Charity Pot in SA in 2014 and have since supported 11 small charities such as Vulpro, Thula Thula and Pebbles Project. They have been able to distribute up to R200,000 per year between their Charity Pot partners.

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