MAD2Run's Mad Journey

MAD2Run is an annual fund raising event in support of the MAD Leadership Foundation™. It’s a 7-day long relay-style running adventure from Johannesburg to Cape Town with 2 teams of 12 runners embracing the journey. Not only is this feat a huge achievement, but what makes this run unique is the fact that it is a 24hour relay race with each runner running roughly 200km each – give or take one or two wrong turns. 

This event was initiated in 2012, when Shaun Raaff decided that it was time be proactive and make a positive contribution to his much loved country, South Africa. After watching an inspirational talk given by Braam Malherbe (who ran across the great wall of China in aid of the charity Miles for Smiles). He got home, rather emotional, and immediately sent out an email to all of his friends and invited them around for an “emergency braai”. Over a few too many beers he was able to convince his mates that they needed to do something meaningful in their lives. The maddest suggestion – lets run to Cape Town. 

In the MAD Leadership Foundation™ a great cause was found to put all of their efforts towards. The team was quickly moved by the inspiring work of this great education-based organisation, started by Francois Pienaar. There exists a shared vision and passion between the MAD Leadership Foundation™ and MAD2Run, the belief that education is the best way of improving ones standing in life, which has a substantial and sustainable impact on the betterment of society.

The numbers for MAD2Run 2017 have doubled and for the first time they have a team based in Johannesburg and in Cape Town. Both team’s will be taking on the same challenge and will run around 1490km. As team numbers have doubled so has the sponsorship target. This year MAD2Run aims to pass the R1 000 000 mark for the first time, with approximately R900 000 already raised. 

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