Introducing Wixworth Gin

Perfection doesn’t come with ease. It takes time to explore, investigate and experiment in order to develop a recipe that results in such a deliciously refreshing and distinguished flavour. While it takes passion to create a masterpiece with a character all its own; It then takes love, skill and patience to do it over and over again.The Really great Brand Company's journey to perfection has produced a South African gin that comfortably competes with both local and international brands alike. 

Introducing Wixworth Gin, an artfully balanced gin, subtly infused with South African Renosterbos. 

Following in the footsteps of London distillers in their quest to perfect their Dry Gin recipes, they undertook their own journey to craft and perfect the quintessential gin recipe with subtle hints of South Africa. Spending many years consulting experts in both the gin and botanical fields in the search for a recipe that would remain true to the classic style, while also adding a touch of local South African flavour. An important step in crafting Wixworth Gin, was finding a botanical or ingredient that would provide this local note, while also complementing the classic flavours. This lead them to Renosterbos, or Elytropappus rhinocerotis, an indigenous South African shrub found abundantly growing in the Renosterveld.

 Renosterbos in the Renosterveld.

Renosterbos in the Renosterveld.

Why Renosterbos, you might ask? Because when infused with the finest traditional botanicals, the floral and sweet pine flavours, together with the subtle spicy notes of the Renosterbos adds complexity and deliciousness to this exquisite gin. The perfectly crafted recipe and unique combination of botanicals allows Wixworth to deliver a distinctive gin experience with every sip, one that not only honours the tradition surrounding classic gin, but enhances it. 

Olivia Whale, Insights & Innovations Manager at The Really Great Brand Company, comments, “We are honoured and proud to present Wixworth, a brand that we at rgbc have put a great deal of passion, time and care into. Our vision was always to create a classic gin with a local South African influence, one that embraces the tradition of the past while delivering a proudly South African taste.” 

Preferring to hand-pick and carefully select their ingredients, Wixworth is distilled in small batches in Joy, the still in which Wixworth is created. Choosing to distil in small batches to ensure that the same balance of flavours, the same  fragrance, and the same smooth, inviting taste can be achieved time after time. RGBC's belief is that the craftsmanship required to produce a gin like Wixworth is much the same as that of an artist when crafting a masterpiece of art.

Gin enthusiasts can expect a crisp and dry gin defined by fresh juniper and subtle floral flavours with hints of spice and zesty citrus. Its uniquely crafted taste together with the beautiful eye-catching packaging is sure to have Wixworth stand out from the crowd on shelf, as well as when it is enjoyed in your favourite cocktail. For the ultimate Wixworth experience, we recommend the classic Wix & Tonic – Wixworth and Tonic Water with a lime wheel. 

Wixworth is available from all major retail stockists nationwide.

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