Greenpop's 7th Annual Platbos Reforest Fest

In March 2017, Greenpop will be hosting their 7th annual Reforest Fest in the ancient Platbos Forest Reserve. But this isn’t just your ordinary festival. It is a chance to (re)connect with yourself, your fellow humans and with nature. Help plant thousands of trees, dance under the stars to amazing live music, learn from eco-workshops, eat delicious food and much more. Last year, Greenpop planted 8000 trees and this year they aim to plant another 8000 trees.

“Platbos Reforest Fest truly is Greenpop’s mission in action: (re)connecting people with nature, and getting active for the planet, all in an ancient indigenous forest. Together, we are able to see the thriving trees we planted in previous years and get our hands dirty to add to this beautiful project. It is quite the thing to be with inspiring people doing awe-inspiring work in a place that is this awesome. We are not separate from nature. We are nature. I hope to see you there in March.” 
- Misha Teasdale, Tree-E-O of Greenpop.

Reforest Fest
Each year, Greenpop hosts the Reforest Fest over two weekends in the beautiful Platbos Forest Reserve, 2.5 hours drive away from Cape Town in the Overberg region. There have been nearly 35,000 trees planted through the Friends and Family weekends to date.

Family Weekend, March 10th - 12th, is for parents and children to connect in nature while planting trees, enjoy great family entertainment and participate in activities for all ages. Unplug for some quality family time in the great outdoors and learn lessons about the planet. 

Friends Weekend, March 17th - 19th, is for people who would like to get their hands dirty and make positive impact for the environment. As well as planting thousands of trees, fest goers will enjoy eco-talks, yoga, live music and much more. Friends Weekend activities and talks are more tailored to adults, but all ages are welcome at both festival weekends! 

Who is Greenpop? 
Greenpop is a social enterprise on a mission to (re)connect people with the planet. They plant trees through urban greening and reforestation projects, spread environmental education, and activate people through green workshops and events.

Greenpop was founded in 2010 and has since planted over 70 000 indigenous and fruit trees at schools and other urban sites, community farms as well as forests across South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania. More than the number of trees, Greenpop is inspired by the 132 000 hands that have helped to plant the trees and the further thousands that have joined Greenpop’s eco-education programmes and made a commitment to be custodians of our beautiful planet.

More information:
Dates: March 10th -12th is the Family Weekend; and March 17th - 19th is the Friends Weekend.