Give Us Moro Gelato

Moro Gelato has opened a gorgeous new gelateria on Long Street, serving delicious artisanal gelato. Attracted to the architecture and history of Long Street, co-owners Stefano Moro and Heine van Wyk, wanted to open their gelateria here to be a part of the rebirth of this vibrant part of Cape Town.

The store was designed by Stefano and Heine, who were inspired by the heavenly pastry shop Pasticceria Lanfranchi in Cremona Italy dating back to the 1800’s, after one of their gourmet travels abroad. The pairs main goal was to create a welcoming ambience where their customers could discover the unique taste of artisanal gelato. The store is a relaxing space, using only neutral shades drawn from the flavours of their gelato. A light colour scheme of pistachio green and hazelnut beige ensure the store does not overpower the customer, allowing the focus to be on the flavour of their delicious gelato.

Moro Gelato is not only a beautiful space, but it is a true gelateria. The artisanal gelato is made from scratch with only the freshest ingredients and seasonal fruits. You won’t find any preservatives, vegetable oils or flavourings that you might in industrial ice-cream. The pistachios are imported from the Italian city Bronte, where the fruit trees grow next to a volcano giving these pistachio’s a unique flavour unlike any other.  

The flavour combinations are endless, as Moro Gelato does it the true Italian way, by smearing and not scooping their gelato into your cup. A popular pairing that has taken its owners by surprise is pistachio with seasonal fruit sorbets. But the marchese, made with vanilla from Tahiti combined with macadamia nuts and caramelised almond, paired with chocolate by far has to be the most popular combination. Other mouthwatering flavours include the Ricotta e Fichi which consists of a light and creamy ricotta with fig; the Mandarino which is seasonal naartjie sorbet; the Gingerbeet which is a refreshing sorbet with a touch of ginger; the Salted Caramel; and our favourite the Champagne Sorbet. 

Give us moro gelato!

Address: 165 Long Street, Cape Town. 
Times: 11am until 6pm Monday to Friday. 

Images: Supplied from Moro Gelato, Visi Magazine, and Eat Out.