DIARY SEP-JAN: Tokara, Stellenbosch

Date: Sep 2016 - 31 Jan 2017
Place: Tokara gallery, Stellenbosch

TOKARA is the embodiment of GT Ferreira’s philosophy that good wine, good food and good art go together to make a good lifestyle. He wants to share this with like-minded people, and encourages guests to come and celebrate over a decade of their unique ‘Wine Made Art’ campaign at the estate.
It has always been important to the Ferreira’s to promote art to the public in various spaces available at the estate. The initial concept has evolved into the spectacular and unique display of artworks, tapestries and sculptures seen at TOKARA today.
This September the winery launches its 11th annual selection of their inimitable ‘Wine Made Art’ for viewing.
Students from the Marié Stander School of Art literally transform wine into art by dipping their paintbrushes in TOKARA Shiraz, to visually portray their interpretations of this year’s theme: “My Fortè”
Marié Stander, who is herself a practicing artist, has always encouraged her students to play with a variety of mediums – years ago when the opportunity arose for her to be part of the ‘Wine Made Art’ campaign, she welcomed the challenge.
Translating the rich burgundy colour of Shiraz onto canvas is no easy task; over the years Marié and her students have perfected the method of preparing the wine for use as an art medium. After much experimentation they discovered an old Voortrekker recipe for ink which turned out to be the winning solution – the wine is boiled with a rusty nail and a white Protea leaf creating the burgundy reduction the artists paint with.
The top 11 artworks from this year’s ‘Wine Made Art’ project will be displayed in the gallery at TOKARA.
General Info:
Entry: 9am-5pm weekdays and 10am-3pm on Saturdays and Sundays.
Website & Social: www.tokara.com Tweet @TOKARA_ZA www.facebook.com/TokaraSA