A Life Lived Beautifully

The new home collection store of Hemelhuijs and Jacques Erasmus is an alchemy wonderland of everything and anything truly beautiful.  With an obsession for the aesthetic, quality and craftsmanship, Jacques has embarked on a new creative journey, this time by opening the new stand-alone homeware store and home gallery, BASALT home, in the suburb of Parkhurst in Johannesburg.

A floor to ceiling slick of sang de boeuf colour boasts a massive laboratory-style shelf filled with handmade and blended spices, flavour compounds and exotic finds. All of which forms part of the 'flavour library' concept, beautifully packaged in chocolate brown laboratory glass. Jewel-coloured jellies and preserves also feature, handmade in small batches and mostly from ingredients sourced from the restaurant's country garden. 

From 400 year old Chinese ceramics, a few rarities, to the bespoke tableware collections inspired by ancient shapes in finishes which include rich sepia, bone and luscious stokes gold. All woven together with constant and ever evolving selection of fine napery and other bespoke and handcrafted items. The word Basalt draws reference to the organic matt black volcanic compound that has inspired Jacques' very first collection of black ceramic tableware.

The BASALT collection has been in production since 2010. The tableware collection has drawn the attention of clients the world over and are also now exclusively available as selected boutique stores abroad. “We do not sell just another plate or cup or bowl, we provide our clients with the service of craftsmanship, the pride of quality over quantity and most of all, the passion for a product completely made by the human hand”, Jacques says. 

Products are designed, specially made or sourced with a special consideration of the everyday. As many believe that we only live once, we may as well do it beautifully.
Visit Basalt at 22b, 4th Avenue, Parkhurst, Johannesburg or call 063 693 4947 for more information.