Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection

When unrivalled luxury, exceptional service, extraordinary cuisine and nautical excellence come together, the result is unmistakably Uniworld.  For nearly four decades, Award-winning Uniworld—the world's ONLY authentic boutique cruise line™ has taken guests to the most spectacular destinations in Europe, Russia, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and Egypt. The company’s European fleet features luxurious ships with an average capacity of 130 guests, the highest staff-to-guest ratio in the river cruise industry, enticing shore excursions, world-class gourmet cuisine, impeccable hospitality, and numerous other all-inclusive benefits.

Uniworld puts a unique spin on river cruising, with floating boutique hotels that are meticulously designed with the signature touches for which our company is known. As the world’s most renowned river cruise line, we redefine All-Inclusive by combining unsurpassed luxury and attention to detail with unmatched amenities, personalised experiences, unrivalled value and incomparable service.


The culinary journeys experienced onboard every Uniworld river cruise are every bit as rich, varied and flavourful as the voyage itself. Working with a palate of the freshest, highest-quality local ingredients from every destination along the river, our onboard chefs flawlessly bring to life their culinary vision and signature recipes.  Our dedication to farm-to-table culinary experiences leads us to uncover the finest foods sourced from regional farms, farmers’ markets and artisanal producers, to ensure every meal embodies the unique character of each region and season. Our culinary staff is devoted to creating the ultimate dining experience perfectly tailored to your personal palate. We do this by getting to know your tastes and preferences, so that every meal exceeds even the standards of our most important critic: you. Whether you like your filet rare or well-done, have dietary restrictions or like to be a little adventurous, we provide a grand selection of menu items for even the most discerning of palates.  As a world-class epicurean destination France has set the standard for refined cuisine and exceptional wines. Indulge in exquisite food and wine both onboard and onshore, embracing French culinary traditions at their best. The Connoisseur Collection is exclusively available on select 2016 departures of Uniworld’s “Paris & Normandy,” “Burgundy & Provence” and “Bordeaux, Vineyards & Châteaux” itineraries.


When exploring Europe's greatest locales, it isn’t often that the ship one travels on rivals the destinations themselves. Yet this is more than true for Uniworld’s fleet of luxurious floating boutique hotels. Every Uniworld ship is a work of art designed to be as unique and inspiring as the destinations it visits. Once aboard one of our award-winning ships, you will immediately notice the thoughtful touches, sublime artistry and quality amenities that set us apart. A simple walk from your sumptuous stateroom to breakfast will reveal original works by famous painters, master craftsmen and furniture designers commissioned exclusively for Uniworld ships.

Set sail on any of Uniworld’s one-of-a-kind ships and discover a beautiful world, both onboard and onshore. We know that all of our guests are unique. By providing a broader range of onshore experiences with a higher degree of personalization than any other river cruise line in Europe, we are confident you will always find the experience you seek.  There’s a moment on every Uniworld boutique river cruise when it becomes clear.

Maybe it’s while luxuriating in the comfort in your exceptionally appointed stateroom or suite. Or savoring yet another culinary masterpiece prepared by our master chefs. Or while experiencing the jewels of Europe from a perspective only the river can provide. A moment when you realise that this journey is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced and beyond anything you could have expected.

For more information visit www.uniworld.com or contact 011 280 8400