Sir Smoothie

From March 2016, Sir Fruit will be taking its fresh, fruity offering to the next level,  launching their delicious smoothie range. Distinctively thick, and full of tasty bits, Sir Fruit smoothies will include four variants: Strawberry & Banana, Mango & Passion Fruit as well as Apple, Yoghurt, Oats & Cinnamon and Berry, Yoghurt, Oats & Honey.  

The new range offers on-the-go convenience, with the satisfying consistency of the oat flavours serving as the perfect breakfast-in-a-bottle.  

Sir Fruit is all about the simplicity which is why their smoothies are less processed,  using actual whole-blended fruit, preserving as much of the original flavours and  nutrition as possible.

 “Our smoothies are really thick – but cleverly made. We’ve worked really hard to keep the production process simple, and as natural as possible. No added sugar, artificial flavours, colours or stabilisers! We’re really happy with the result,” says Sir   Fruit’s Brand Manager, Taryn van Zyl, with a smile.  

The Sir Fruit smoothie range will be available nationally in South Africa’s top retail   stores – as well as hotels, restaurants and coffee shops.