What brandy suits dad?

Much like the clothes you wear, one’s signature drink should reflect your individual style and status in life.  Your dad wouldn’t order a Cosmopolitan at a bar, so make sure his Father’s Day gift is a fitting match with the type of man he is. 

If you have been pondering the ideal Father’s Day gift for your one-of-a-kind father, brandy is unique in that it is the only drink made from another alcoholic beverage, namely wine. “This is just one of the qualities which make it special,” said Distell brandy ambassador Nick Holdcroft.

Brandy’s popularity is tried and tested, and the quality of South African potstill brandy is unquestionably of international renown, having won the international “Best Brandy in the World” award at the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) 11 times in the past 14 years.

But with South African law allowing for three different types of brandy to be produced in the country - potstill, blended or vintage brandy – deciding which style would be the perfect match with your dad might require some careful thought about what defines him.

A person’s character is a mix of four basic personality types: sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric and melancholic, which make up their temperament.

The sanguine type is a spontaneous, fun-seeking, impulsive and enthusiastic person who is always on the move.   If your father has a very expressive face and you identify him with words such as adventure, travel, active and fun, he might enjoy Klipdrift Gold. “This superior potstill is a blend of brandies up to 21 years old, meaning that there is a lot going on in your glass – a symphony of fragrances at different levels,” said Holdcroft. “Klipdrift Gold is the pinnacle of the Klipdrift family, the same way that your dad is the leader of your family.” Gold by name and by nature, Klipdrift Gold won a Gold medal at last year’s International Wine &Spirit Competition (IWSC).

If your father has the uncanny ability to read your body language and expressions to know what you’re feeling before you express yourself, perhaps he is the phlegmatic type. These chilled out people are mainly defined by their social skills and are agreeable, nurturing, sympathetic and able to connect on an emotional level. "The mellow maturity of Richelieu 10 Year Old Vintage Brandymight suit your dad. This brandy is rich and rewarding and offers a complex and full-bodied palate with hints of hazelnut, roasted coffee and dark chocolate.” Richelieu 10 won a Gold Outstanding award at the 2014 IWSC.

Melancholic people are usually orderly, loyal and even-tempered. “If your dad is a conventional and cautious guy who is big on family, respect, morals and values then he could be well-suited to the Van Ryn’s 15 year old,” said Van Ryn’s Master Distiller Marlene Bester. “The House of Van Ryn’s was founded by Jan van Ryn and his sons, and today stands for the continued pursuit of excellence.  A brandy offering a smoothness which only comes with age, the Van Ryn’s 15 Year Old won the Best International Brandy trophy at last year’s International Spirits Challenge (ISC). “So if only the best is good enough for your dad, then this could be his ideal brandy match,” Holdcroft said.

The choleric type is associated with testosterone. These people are dominant leaders - analytical, logical, focused and direct, with a love of competition. “If this describes your father then he would possibly enjoy an Oude Meester Souverein, an 18-year-old brandy named after the Dutch word for ‘ruler’,” Holdcroft said. Symbolising the brandy maker’s endless striving for faultless quality; Souverein is crafted for the modern master and is luxurious collector’s potstill brandy.

A proudly South African drink, brandy has major economic relevance. It takes about five litres of wine to produce one litre of brandy and as such, the South African brandy industry has a symbiotic relationship with the wine industry. “Not only will you be buying your father a gift which celebrates the great man he is, but you will be increasing local manufacturing capacity and stimulating job creation at the same time,” Holdcroft said.

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