The sherry revival

“Inseparable tapas partner, savoury sipper, low-alcohol cocktail staple: there are few drinks out there that wear as many hats as sherry,” says a Monis spokesperson.

  “It's the remarkable versatility of this flavourful and food-loving fortified wine with legs that makes it more relevant than ever to modern life. It seems the drink that originated centuries ago in Spain is now on everybody's lips.”

But the sherry revival is not just about drink, it’s also about fashion, art, and food, especially tapas. Cape Town tapas chef Andres Condé of La Parada Restaurant (pictured) likes to pair tapas with sherries from Monis, the only South African range that is produced in the traditional Spanish way. Condé prizes sherry for both its flavour and versatility - traits that are also behind the current boom in sherry-based cocktails. 

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