Japan claims world’s best bartender

Japan claims world’s best bartender.jpg

Michito Kaneko from Japan was crowned world’s best bartender at the gala final of the Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS Bartender of the Year 2015 held in Cape Town’s City Hall on Friday.

Michito was selected the best of the best from among the original 54 contenders, after four days of challenges presided over by leading authorities in the world of fine drinking and experiential cocktail culture.

Michito was inspired to quit his job as a construction worker to become a bartender 13 years ago after tasting cocktails in the most famous bar in his home region of Nara. Three years ago he opened his own bar in Nara – The Lamp Bar – where he is the manager and sole bartender.

As WORLD CLASS Bartender of the Year, Michito will be become an overnight celebrity and have the opportunity to travel the world as a global brand ambassador for WORLD CLASS.  In addition, as part of a recently announced partnership between luxury resort group One&Only and Diageo Reserve, Michito also wins a trip to the One&Only Palmilla resort in Los Cabos, Mexico.

The WORLD CLASS Bartender of the Year Global Finals took place in Cape Town from Monday and has included challenges, seminars on cocktails and the WORLD CLASS House, a showcase for the world’s finest spirits.

In elevating the craft of bartending, Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS has become a leader in setting trends and standards for fine drinking experiences in the best establishments worldwide.