Jack Parow inspires cocktail

Make this bespoke creation from Tsogo Sun’s mixologist

Tsogo Sun mixologist Pieter Brits has created a custom cocktail for Jack Parrow based on his song Bloubek released on the album Nag Van Die Lang Pette in 2014.

Brits works his mixologist magic at Jenda; a new tapas & wine bar (the space previously known as @Monte).

Pieter took the opportunity to create the 3SIXTY Liquid Lounge cocktail menu. He had the basics down of constructing the perfect drink from his studies, but the art of mixology is self-taught and a skill that he practices at home and work. Always experimenting with new drinks and flavor combinations is what Pieter does best.

He believes that the menu of any cocktail bar needs balance, offering drinks to a variety of tastes. Cocktails need to consist of various alcohol combinations and also of different strengths must be catered for.

Balance is essential not only in creating the overall menu but also creating excellent cocktails.

The recipe: 

Makes one

37.5ml Klipdrift Gold
12.5ml Blue Curaçao
15ml peach purée
15ml lemon juice, fresh
50ml cranberry juice
dash of bitters
maraschino cherries

1. Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain over a brandy balloon.

2. Garnish with cherry & pineapple leaf.

*Klipdrift Gold is recommended because of its apricot & peach notes.