World Rhino Day - 22 September


There are five species of Rhino in the world. Two in Africa and three in Asia. Two of the three Asian populations, the Sumatran and the Javan, are on the brink of extinction.

Over the last few years we have seen a shocking increase in poaching. From 2000-2007, only about a dozen rhinos were poached each year in Southern Africa (where nearly 90% of all African rhino live).

Last year 333 were slaughtered in South Africa and in so far in 2011, 173 have been killed. Despite huge efforts by the South African Government, its military and numerous conservation organisations, the poaching shows no sign of abating.

Every week, more than eight rhinos are killed. This rate is increasing. There has been an exponential increase in the number of rhino being poached. If it continues, the black rhino population will start shrinking at the end of 2012.

Consider this: in 1970 we had over 65 000 black rhinos, but in 2011 only around 4 200 are left. 

Three ways you can help (Source: Getaway Magazine)

1. WWF co-founded Traffic, a global organisation which works to prevent the illegal trade of rhino parts. To make a donation, visit or follow them on twitter @WWFSouthAfrica.

2. To report poaching, call the Rhino Poaching Hotline of the Endangered Wildlife Trust on cell 082-404-2128. To donate, visit or follow them on twitter @TheEWT.

3. Mission Rhino is offering a reward of R25 000 to anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of rhino poachers. Call the hotline to report poaching activity on tel 011-691-9919 or . Follow them on twitter @MissionRhino.

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