The Future is Eco-living

With the rapidly rising electricity prices reaching an almost unmanageable rate more and more South Africans are looking at green alternatives and with the increasing global emphasis on the need for climate-change mitigation, South African built- environment professionals are beginning to take seriously the ambition to lessen the carbon footprint associated with buildings and residences by using design and technological innovation to decrease energy consumption and limit waste.

The Green Housing Company offers residents a totally solar powered off the grid living solution. Using the most advanced building technologies that can not only save you thousands, but also significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Our solutions will enable homeowners to decide whether to use the solar-powered system, or tap into City Power, which means you will never be without electricity! Ultimately our vision is to design and build properties in an environmentally sustainable way that will allow South Africans to work and live in a healthy and efficient environment.

The Green Housing Company is proud to announce that One Zero Eight on Eighth Street Noordwyk, Midrand is the first exclusively solar-powered residential development, harnessing solar rays through roof-installed panels and using a solar inverter to convert direct current from the sun into alternating current.

Find out how we can take your existing house off the grid today!

Never pay electricity EVER again! Let the sun pay your electricity bill for the rest of your life.

For more information visit   or call Brett on  082 821 2013