Okha Collaborates with Atang Tshikare

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OKHA's studio conceptualizes and designs contemporary, elegant furniture; these hand-made items are designed with passion, curiosity and a deep respect for materials and traditional craftsmanship. The result is progressive and refined quality that embodies design integrity and luxury. 

The range is complemented by on-going collaborations with South Africa’s leading artisans. One of these artisans is Atang Tshikare, a self-developed multidisciplinary creative who has worked in various materials including ceramic, fabrics, wood, bronze, plastic, paper and glass.

His visual language is broad and expressive, ranging from African inspired sculptures, graphic patterns and illustrations to contemporary design. His works are accompanied by dreamlike narratives and other world mythology. Atang brings a forward thinking aesthetic and avant gardiste edge to his creations which are often anamorphic and zoomorphic sculptures based on African storytelling.

He has exhibited in South Africa, New York, Miami, Austria, Amsterdam, Dubai, Switzerland and Germany. Exhibitions include Toffie Festival, Design Indaba, Southern Guild 2012- 2016 exhibitions, feature designer at 100% SA, Cape Town art fair, Design Discourse (Austrian), Design Days Dubai, Design Miami and Basel.

In 2012 Atang launched Zabalazaa. It has provided products and services for numerous companies including adidas Originals, MTV base, Migrate Magazine, Prime Media, Chimurenga magazine, Cornetto, Cotton On, Plascon, L’Oreal, Nandos and MrPriceHome. The word Zabalazaa
means to propel until a solution is created, also known as hustling.


Metsing 1.jpg

Metsing means “Place of Water” – a place that we seek out to replenish ourselves. When asked about the design process and inspiration, Atang said, “We spent a lot of time just talking, the ideas came about from words and feelings rather than drawings and sketches. It was about tuning in and translating an almost spiritual concept into something tangible and present.”

A fusion of traditional craftsmanship, great artistry and imagination. Metsing is about flow and the movement of water which is the most elusive element. The table captures a feeling of something mythical, other worldly, there and and not there, still and moving, ancient and timeless.

Take a look at some of their latest pieces:

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