Krugerrand's Limited Edition Coins and Fashion Accessories Mark 50 Years

On the 50th anniversary of the Krugerrand, the South African Mint Company is celebrating the universally recognised gold bullion coin with a new fine silver and platinum range, as well as new sizes in the traditional gold range. The collectable Krugerrand range is issued in limited quantities, bearing the characteristic design of the South African springbok and a distinctive 50th anniversary ‘privy’ or ‘mint’ mark.

The flagship offering in the anniversary range is the limited edition 50 ounce gold coin, fifty times as big as the standard Krugerrand and only 55 coins are available for purchase. The 50 oz coin is a premium product, packaged in a custom-made gold and black casing, along with an assortment of commemorative merchandise.

The golden legacy of the Krugerrand is cultivated in the rest of the gold proof coin range with the 5 ounce gold coin of which only 500 have been minted as well as the much smaller 1/20 ounce (12,000 available) and 1/50 ounce (50 000 available).

The ‘proof’ quality gold, silver and platinum collectable coins have a high gloss finish that accentuates the fine detail of the coins’ design, while the Premium Uncirculated fine silver coins boast a cutting-edge matte finish.

"Producing the once off platinum and silver Krugerrands under the same brand that is synonymous with South African gold coinage is our unique way to commemorate the historic influence of the coin on the gold bullion investment market,” says Tumi Tsehlo, MD, SA Mint.   

To further commemorate the 50th anniversary, the SA Mint, has also launched a series of chic limited edition fashion accessories featuring bracelets and lapel pins in partnership with Elegance Jewellers as well as a patterned silk scarf in association with Blandat.

The 50th anniversary collectable coins and accessories will be available at the South African Mint’s Coin World retail store in Centurion. The SA Mint will also be promoting its range with a pop-up shop inside Elegance Jewellers, Melrose Arch in July to mark the occasion.

The beautiful waxed cord bracelets are produced as part of Elegance’s in-house brand, Nom-Nom and feature the daintiest of Krugerrands; a 1/50oz, 22ct gold coin on the one side and a delicate 9ct gold ‘50’ clasp on the other side. The bracelets are available in a variety of colours and styles that allow the wearer individualistic flair.


They are available in two styles - a smooth cord giving the jewellery a more delicate and feminine look or a knotted cord for those who prefer their jewellery more chunky and bold.

The most delicate 22ct 1/50 ounce gold Krugerrand coin has been converted into a beautiful lapel pin. Adding a solid gold pin to your suit or blazer allows you to customise your look to your own personal style. 

The scarfs are a result of a collaboration with one of South Africa’s most creative textile designers, Blandat. The unique and colourful silk scarfs are hand-finished masterpieces that pays homage to the Krugerrand, an iconic symbol of South Africa’s distinctive heritage.

Layered with reference to South Africa’s dynamic landscapes, the scarf brings in elements of traditional wax cloth, cowrie shells and bead work. Alongside global scarf motifs like ropes and chains, the design is inspired by South Africa’s rainbow nation, with a bright and colourful palette that is held together through gold and shots of neon pink. The energy is very South African - positive, modern and bright.

Just like the Krugerrand, the scarf carries weight in intricate detailing and is an example of highly creative craftsmanship. Alongside the central coin, highlights include the aloe flower and serration interpretation.

“Given the Krugerrand’s rich heritage and proud tradition, we wanted the limited edition accessories to be relevant to the cause espoused by the brand – fashioning savings. Now you can wear the Krugerrand and join the legion of the iconic coin’s fans. South Africans who are united by their shared love of the Krugerrands can now collect these limited edition accessories and coins to celebrate their pride,” says Tsehlo in conclusion.   

To order or for more information on the products and availability visit or visit the Coin World store in Centurion.