Fanglasstic Glassware


Fanglasstic is a small family business situated in the heart of the Cape Winelands in Paarl. They create beautiful, functional glassware for everyday use or as display pieces. Every dish, bowl, plate, tile, wall-hanging, ring, and pendant is carefully and artfully crafted by hand by one of the five artists at Fanglasstic.

Fanglasstic products are made from sheets of window glass. An employee cuts the sheets of glass in the desired shape and size. The glass is then carefully cleaned and kept oil free for the remainder of the process. The artists now make their designs directly on the glass using specialized paints. 


When the design is complete, another piece of glass of the same shape and size is placed on top of the artwork. In this way, the paint is between the two layers of glass, and therefore, cannot be scratched off. Some of the paints create entrancing bubble effects unique to glass art. The glass is then fired in a kiln where the two layers fuse into one. The next day, the glass is fired in a kiln once again, this time to slump it into the desired mold. The processes are known as “Fusing & Slumping”.

Fanglasstic glassware is not only decorative but also practical. After using your Fanglasstic product, it can be cleaned in your everyday dishwasher. 

There are hundreds of combinations to choose from between the shapes, colors, and designs that Fanglasstic has on offer. For those that want a truly unique and one-off conversation starter, Fanglasstic does commissions of various kinds. From immense wall installations to kitchen backsplashes to custom-made plates with your sentimental memories painted on them. Fanglasstic will work closely with you to ensure that your commission is exactly what you wanted. 


If you are looking for a creative morning getaway, Fanglasstic offers workshops where you can create your very own glass dishes. They will do all the difficult and boring bits, while you focus on creativity and bringing your design to life. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and the company of a handful of creatives like you, even if you feel that you aren’t creative at all. Every dish made at Fanglasstic has a story to it, and so will yours!

For more information on anything and everything Fanglasstic, visit their website at or follow them on Facebook or Instagram for the latest designs and news. To reach them directly, send them an e-mail at