Designed to Escape

Whether it's a dinner for 30 in the forest, a futuristic sleep tent where you’ll lie suspended in cocoons, a 10-metre dessert table that appears after dark or a store selling next-level festival fashion, every experience at Littlegig is designed to deliver just that thing you never knew you really really wanted! Littlegig's new creative director Bielle Bellingham, former Elle Deco editor, directs a team of stylists who will be presenting the Littlegig experience. Here's what's inspiring her festival design for 2018.

"Africa is my muse. Simple is better. High art combines with low. I’m investigating an updated surrealism, where reality is temporarily suspended and the unconscious potential is released. Using the scale of the trees in the forest, I will work with suspension and the juxtaposition of unexpected elements."

"I’m fascinated by materials that aren’t necessarily in good taste, particularly translucency, iridescence and reflection. In the festival context, I think they’re relevant as they’ll create a new perspective and reflect the theatre of it all."

"African design is synonymous with solution based thinking, which will guide the aesthetic of the festival. I always gravitate towards a broken palette, inspired by the Fauvists (the Wild Beasts), early twentieth century artists who used colour to express sentiment. The forest itself will be a strong influence on all design decisions."

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Original article and images from Little Gig.